​​​ Country Pet Playground, LLC

Located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, Country Pet Playground, LLC is a daycare and boarding facility like no other!  Here is a place that you can be rest assured your dog will be loved and gets to PLAY!  We provide a safe and clean environment for your family member to either just play for the day and/or have an extended stay. 

What We're All About...

Meet the "Crew"

Karissa couldn't have created and continue to provide such a great place for the pets of this community without the help of her spouse & his parents.  They are all very much involved with the dogs and will love your pets just as much as her!  


Sean Hickman is a United States Marine, former business owner and has over 10 years in the executive management level of the Telecommunications industry. He lived in Denver, Colorado since exiting the Marine Corps in 1995.  He is now serving this community as an Investigator with the Stone County Sheriff's Department here in Arkansas. 

He has an immense love and passion for animals.  The care and love of your dog should be equal to that of any human. He will treat your dog as if it is his own, with unconditional love.  His experience in business allows him to be communicative, detailed and passionate about you and your dog's care and needs.  He bring honesty, trust and a giant heart!

Steve & Jan Hickman have lived in Mountain View for almost 20 years.  If it wasn't for them, this journey would never have started!  They are amazing people with the biggest hearts.  You can thank Jan for the idea of a dog boarding & daycare facility!  They live right down the road & are always volunteering their time & energy to help keep the place up & running.  So, if you see them when you're here, please say hello & give them a HUGE thank you!  

Hello! My name is Karissa Shambarger and my roots started in Wisconsin but I spent the past 25 years in beautiful Colorado. In 2006, I graduated with honors from PIMA Medical Institute and spent the next 10 years as a Veterinary Technician at Denver Animal Hospital. During that time, I developed myself into a powerhouse of knowledge and compassion. Animals are my reason for living and I take my job as an animal caretaker very seriously. During the 10 years as a Vet Tech, I established amazing relationships with both colleagues and clients. I take pride in the amount of information that I have acquired and want to continue to apply them to my daily life. I will treat your fur babies just like my own and believe me they will be spoiled!

My passion for animals and the beauty of Mountain View is what inspired me to create Country Pet Playground, LLC. I took a step back and looked at what life should be all about. At that moment, I realized what was missing, or rather what didn't need to be there! The hustle and bustle of a big city had finally had its toll on me.  So, here I am! 

Meet Our Fur Babies...

Meet the Owner/Operator