I have created this calendar that will be updated regularly, however please call to verify BEFORE you book any flights, etc.  You will find information on kennel availability & when I already have things scheduled with other clients. I don't like to double book for drop offs, pick ups or meet & wags.  I WILL enforce the cancellation policy that all clients have to sign an acknowledgment of.  

There are 8 kennels for boarding. Five of them are for dogs over 50 pounds & three are for the smaller ones. They are 6x6ft & 4x6ft in size.  Multiple dog families can share a kennel if they get along. Each kennel has a water bowl & raised dog beds unless you want to bring their own bed. For more info on what to bring vs not, please see the FAQ's page. 

​Daycare dogs​ are either put into available kennels, or pop-up wire kennels for nap time. I do not have a cap on how many daycare dogs I will take on any given day (I know I'm crazy)! The reason being is that I can only take so many dogs for boarding due to only having 8 boarding kennels. The only days that daycare is not available can be found on the calendar. 

  I do my best to keep it updated as I get reservations.  Please call to verify, as I am human & running this place by myself! 

​​​ Country Pet Playground, LLC

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