​​​ Country Pet Playground, LLC

Kuranda Dog Beds

What You'll Need to Provide for Your Pet's Stay...

I come from a BIG city that was packed with daycare/boarding facilities.  I never understood how most of them had little if no outside play area & play time was often non existent.  When I decided to provide a place for this community, everything I did was based on if I'd want this for my fur babies.  I wouldn't want to pay a daily fee to have my dogs stuck in a kennel all day!  The amount of play time is based on how many groups I've got in the day.  Big dogs & little dogs are always in different groups for starters.  Occasionally, there may be one or two dogs that don't get along with others, so they will be in a different group.  

If I've got daycare dogs, they will be priority for that day but usually they get along with everyone.  I have a board that's divided into 5 groups, A-E, with the day broken from 7:00am-4:30pm for playtime.  I usually do 30-60 minutes at a time per group.  There are  "Nap Times" throughout the day based on several factors.

 I am the ONLY one who is typically running this place, mainly due to how picky I am about how this place operates.  However,  I do have to find time for family and myself, so about once a week I have a day just for that.  I have no daycare dogs here during that time & my wonderful family helps with letting the dogs that are here out to potty and such. 

Country Pet Playground, LLC has raised dog beds made by Kuranda for your dog to relax on during their stay.  If you'd prefer to bring their own and/or a blanket, we can live with that! 

Play Time vs. Kennel Time

​Optional Items You May Want to Bring...

  • ​Your dogs food and the correct amount for the number of days they will be staying
  • Any medication that needs to be administered - includes prevention that falls on dates they will be here
  • Supplements they need on a daily basis - includes glucosamine, etc

There are plenty of toys here that are safe and as "chew proof" as we could find, yet still fun!  If you wish to bring your dogs favorite toys,  please keep in mind that they will NOT be allowed to play with them outside of their kennels with the pack.  I do this to avoid fights and toys that are not mine, getting destroyed. 

I do have treats that I get from the Co-Op.

I do not give them treats all day for just any reason- they must work for them.  They are mainly given to them when they go into their kennels when asked.  You are more than welcome to bring their own treats, which I put into their cage caddy's.