Frequently Asked Questions

What are the required vaccines?

Rabies, kennel cough & distemper/parvo are required for ALL services including any dog washing. These must be up to date for Meet & Wags as well. A 24-hr wait period after vaccines are given by your veterinarian is also required. All vaccines must be done by a veterinarian. KENNEL COUGH/BORDETELLA is NOT given by your vet unless you ask for it! This vaccine is only needed for boarding, grooming, daycare, etc

Does my dog have to be fixed?

No but we encourage everyone to spay & neuter their pets. We will keep anyone separated who may need to be.

Will my little dog be safe?

Of course! Safety is on of our biggest priorities here. Play groups are determined by size, temperament & status of being fixed or not.

Who provides the dog food?

Owners must bring their dogs own food. Each kennel gets their own storage locker, so please bring food in zip lock bags, Walmart bags, etc. BIG FOOD BINS ARE A NO NO! We do not have the space for them.

Do you board cats?

Sorry, we do not.

Is a Meet & Wag a requirement?

Absolutely! These meetings are to assess your dogs behavior before any reservations are taken. Any dog showing aggression towards Karissa will not be allowed to stay here.

What if my dog doesn't like other dogs?

No problem! They will get playtime with Karissa!

Is your place heated in the winter & cooled in the summer?

Most definitely! We have 2 split heat/ac units that keep it environmentally controlled all year round.

I have multiple dogs, can they all stay together?

In most cases, yes. Our larger suites can accomodate up to 3 dogs weighing up to 60 pounds & are 6ft x 6ft x 6ft. We also have suites for the smaller dogs that can fit several are 4ft x 6ft x 6ft.

Is there a price difference in the size of my dog?


Is there any kind of a discount for multiple dogs?

Due to not charging much at all, it's very hard for us to give discounts for multiple dog families. We do have Redeemable Passes that can be used to save money. You buy 4 nights or daycare days up front & you get 1 free. These must be used within 6 months of purchase. You can use one per dog per stay.

How much time does my dog get to play?

Since we live on the property, they get hours of playtime per day.

What is the daily schedule?

First potty is around 6-6:30am along with breakfast. Playtime starts around 7-7:30am. Designated nap time is always at lunch time. Dinner is 4:30-5pm. Last potty is from 8:15-9pm.

Do boarding dogs get to play with daycare dogs?

Of course!! As long as their temperament allows them to play with everyone.

When can I drop my dog off for boarding or daycare?

Check in/out times are as follows: Mon-Wed & Sat: 7-9am or 5-7pm Thurs & Fri: 7-9am or 4-5pm Sunday: 7-8am or 4-5pm You can check in during either the AM or PM time frame You can check out during either the AM or PM time frame

Is Daycare available 7 days a week?

No. Daycare is NOT available on Thursdays & Sundays. I might be able to make a Thursday happen with enough notice but NOT Sundays at all. Tuesdays & Fridays are the socializing play days. At the moment, I am not signing up anymore Loyal K9 Players for Tuesdays as we are at max capacity.

Is a Deposit required?

ALL out-of-towners must pay 50% of the total bill at the time of reservation. This is NON REFUNDABLE if the 72-hour notice is not given. Major holidays that require 50% deposit from everyone are to include: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day & Labor Day Deposits can be made through PayPal or credit/debit over the phone.

What is the cancellation policy?

A 72-hour notice for any cancellations is asked in order for us to fill the spot. All out-of-towners that do not give at least 72-hours notice will not be refunded their deposit. Reservations made during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day or Labor Day will not be refunded their deposit if 72-hour notice is not given. I reserve the right to terminate anyone who abuses this policy.

How does the check in/check out work?

There are speicifc times of day to either check in or out. Mon-Sat the morning time is 7-9am. Sunday morning is 7-8am Mon-Thurs afternoon time is 5-7pm Fri - Sun afternoon time is 4-5pm If you check in your fur kid in the morning & check out in the morning there are no extra daycare fees on check out day. If you check in your fur kid in the afternoon & check out in the afternoon there are no extra daycare fees. I waive fees for this becasue the day of check in was not a full day. HOWEVER, if you check in your fur kid in the morning & check out in the afternoon, there is a discounted daycare fee or afternoon check out. I do this becasue that first day of check in is a full day & the last day of check out is a full day of daycare.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Due to being a small business, I do ask that check or cash be used in order to keep fees down. I can take credit/debit if necessary. There will be a fee of 2.7% for all credit cards.

What is provided?

I provide raised dog beds, bowls, community toys & lots of playtime!! The facility is also air conditioned in the hot months & heated in the cold months.



7am-9pm or 5-7pm


7am-9pm or 4-5pm


7-8am or 4-5pm




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