Country Pet Playground

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About Us

Country Pet Playground is a small facility that is family-owned & operated. Since 2017, they have provided top-notch care to dogs in Mountain View & surrounding counties. Karissa Hickman is the main pack leader with 15 years of experience in working with dogs. She graduated from PIMA Medical in 2006 as a Certified Veterinary Assistant, then worked at Denver Animal Hospital in Colorado for close to 11 years. Her husband, Sean, is an Investigator with the Mtn View PD & has experience as a K9 Handler with the Stone County Sheriff's Dept. Since they live on the same property, it's easy to dedicate as much time as possible to the dogs here. Karissa recently became a Certified Dog Groomer, so she is able to provide all forms of dog care. They are only 5 miles from the center of town off Hwy 9 South & Hub Willis Rd.

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Dog Boarding is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Social Daycare is available on Tuesdays & Fridays (when there is a space available!)

Regular daycare is available Monday, Wednesday & Thursdays


Monday-Thursday from 7-9am or 5-7pm / Friday & Saturday from 7-9am or 4-5pm / Sunday from 7-8am or 4-5pm

For more information on boarding, daycare & grooming please visit those pages!


$12.99 + tax


12 inch $6.75 + tax


June 18th - 28th

August 13th - 16th

September 2nd - 6th