Dog Boarding

We are a small facility down a dirt road surrounded by 13 acres, but only 5 miles from the center of Mountain View, Arkansas. You will find a safe, loving, and clean facility with a country feel at Country Pet Playground. Since 2017, we have provided dog boarding with a social and/or play-time focus.

Our indoor building is 1,500 square feet and is temperature-controlled. We have 10 high-quality kennel suites that vary in size and raised beds from Kuranda. 

The outdoor play area is about 8,000 square feet of secured 6-foot fencing. We have doggie playground equipment for them to run, jump & play on! About a dozen balls to play fetch. 

Boarding Pricing, Fees & Schedule

 Dog per Night | $31 

Multiple Dog Family Pricing: Must be able to eat together to share the same space, no excepetions!

2 Dogs per Night | $55

3 Dogs per Night | $75

4 Dogs per Night | $92

5 Dogs per Night | $106

DEPOSIT POLICY: Reservation is not confirmed or guaranteed until a 50% deposit is made. An email with a payment link through Stripe can be sent, we also take cash for an 8% discount. 


➕Puppies that are still in potty training | $5 per night additional fee*

➕Intact males over 1 year old | $5 per night additional fee*

*These fees help us with extra costs we incur with these dogs

➕Any dog that experiences diarrhea while in my care will result in an additional fee starting at $5 up to $8*

*A meal will be skipped to help settle things down. I will give oral probiotics daily for 4 days, starting with a paste several times a day for 2 days, then a powder sprinkled daily on food for 2 days. That usually firms things up. If this takes care of things, it will only be a $5 charge. If your dog weighs over 100 pounds, it will be $8. 

*If there is blood at any time in their stool, I will take them to the veterinarian ASAP.

Hours of Operation

2024 Winter January 8th 2024 - March 3rd 2024: Short-term boarding only Thursday Check-In: 7 - 8 

Friday & Saturday Check-In/Out: 7 -  8 am

Sunday Check out 5 - 6 pm

2024 Spring/Summer/Fall Schedule:

March 4th 2024 - January 5th 2025: Long-term boarding available

Monday - Sunday Check-In/Out: 7 - 8 am   

What's Included


ENVIRONMENT: Safe, clean, fun, loving in a heated/cooled building. Extra large fenced-in outside play area with 6ft fencing, we have plenty of room to play a great game of fetch! Large indoor play area with community beds to lounge on & plenty of space to play.

PLAYTIME: We strive for as much time out of their kennel suites as possible. Playgroups are established by temperament, size, age & sex. 

KENNEL SUITES: We offer 6ft x 6ft, 4ft x 4ft & 3ft x 3ft commercial-grade suites to accommodate different size dogs & families. Kuranda dog beds that are comfortable & keep them off the floor.

FEEDING: We feed up to 3x's per day with DOG FOOD PROVIDED BY YOU. There is no extra charge for administering medications and/or supplements. We do have food & water bowls but you can bring any special bowls from home like slow feeders, etc if needed. 

TREATS: Small milk bone treats every time they go in kennels from playtime/potty breaks. You can bring treats from home if you'd rather. 

TOYS: We only use rubber balls with holes for playing fetch. We also have toys for them to play with. If at any time a dog is seen trying to ingest any of the community toys, they will be taken away during their stay. If any toys are brought from home, they will not be allowed out of their kennels. 

Required Vaccines

Rabies, Distemper/Parvo & Bordetella 

The bordetella aka kennel cough, is required every 6 months at my facility. This is due to having an outbreak several summers ago when it was only required yearly. Since establishing this policy, we have not had any more issues. We take your dog's health very seriously.

All puppies must be at least 12 weeks of age with a minimum of 2 distemper/parvo boosters & the bordetella all done by a licensed veterinarian. Rabies is typically not done until 16 weeks & not required until that time.

Vaccines done at home or by breeders will not work. I can only be 100% certain they have been done when done by a veterinarian.

You need to call your veterinarian & ask if they are up to date. If they are, you can ask them to email them to or text a picture to 218-453-4725. If you have records, you can send them as well. Reservations cannot be done until these steps are taken & the Meet & Wag is done-see below.

Required Meet & Wag

I take this job very seriously. I understand that I am caring for a beloved member of your family, so establishing a relationship before they stay with me is vital. I need to know what to expect with behavior, feeding, medications & many other things. The Meet & Wag is exactly how we all get to know each other, ask any questions & get all the information I need. It also helps your dog when it comes time for their first boarding stay.

I do these on Mondays, Wednesdays & Sundays at 3 pm by appointment AFTER the required vaccines have been verified. See 'Required Vaccines' Above