There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the vaccines that are required.

Rabies, Distemper/Parvo & Bordetella (kennel cough) all HAVE to be done by a veterinarian.

Welcome to a luxury grooming experience at Country Pet Playground!

We use IV San Bernard products, which are an exclusive line of fine Italian pet spa products. We have products designed for various coat types and proper skin management with all products based on natural ingredients.

Grooming should not only include how your dog looks, but also how they FEEL! Having healthy skin is just as important as looking fabulous. We do things a little differently around here in terms of how we groom based on science. A groomer should be the voice of their doggie clients and should be educated on what is best for them.

The main thing you will find is that we DO NOT just shave dogs and call it good. We will not shave any dog shorter than 1/4 inch and even encourage keeping them longer at 3/8 inch or longer! The health of their skin is very important to us. We also will NOT shave any dog with a double undercoat or any short haired dog. Please see the chart below on why that should not be done.


If your dog has been admitted to your veterinarian's office for anything from a dental procedure, x-rays, surgeries, etc they will have to wait TEN days before coming to this facility. This is to ensure they were not exposed to anything contagious that could spread to the other dogs in our care.

This DOES NOT apply to regular annual/vaccine visits. Most veterinarians will not have any sick contagious dogs in the waiting area or exam rooms.


Grooming appointments are available Monday-Friday

by appointment ONLY