Luxury Dog Grooming


Karissa was a Certified Vet Assistant in Colorado for 11 years before starting Country Pet Playground & Luxury Grooming.

Karissa became a Certified Dog Groomer in 2021.

Completed Pet Hygienist studies as well in 2021.

After noticing so many skin problems on the dogs she was grooming, she found Iv San Bernard's Ambassador Dr Faver, DVM. She is now dedicated to being a voice for what's best for her clients.

Welcome to a Luxury Grooming Experience at Country Pet Playground!

We are an exclusive IV San Bernard Fine Italian Pet Products salon! We have products designed for various coat types and proper skin management based on natural ingredients.

Grooming should not only include how your dog looks, but also how they FEEL! Having healthy skin is just as important as looking fabulous. We do things a little differently around here in terms of how we groom based on science. A groomer should be the voice of their doggie clients and should be educated on what is best for them. Karissa has extensive education in grooming & is always continuing that.

The main thing you will find is that we DO NOT just shave dogs and call it good. We will not shave any long haired dog shorter than 1/2 inch and even encourage keeping their hair at 1 inch or longer. The health of their skin is very important to us. We also will NOT shave any dog with a double undercoat or any short haired dog. Please see the chart below on why that should not be done.

For information on VACCINE REQUIREMENTS please go to the Policies & Procedures page


Grooming appointments are available Tuesday-Friday

by appointment ONLY

Spa Upgrades

Orange PEK strengthening mask: Sebum balancing, anti-hair loss, anti-stress, restructuring, repairing, and nourishing. Helps strengthen hair and reduces shedding. We will also use this product for our De-Shed service.

Mineral Red Derma Plus Shampoo & Conditioner: Great option for allergies, dandruff & sensitive skin.

Amazing Triple Oils Therapy: We take the finest imported Ginkgo Oil, Ozonized Olive Oil, Oligo (mineral) Elements oils, and collagen and add it to your pet’s bathing regime as well as mist it to your pet’s skin and coat to help protect against drying effects that cause itching.